Lust of a 15 years old…

21 Sep

We live in a materialised world; I knew that from a young age. To be cool at school, you have to wear the right gear. The best way to showcase your style was during P.E. lessons. The cool kids always rock the right pair of kicks. Each year that ‘in-style’ shoes changes depending on what was hot onto the market. Reebok Classic’s was always the most popular, and then we had the year of the Nike Cortez’s followed by the Adidas Country’s. Some of the richer kids will be rocking the Nike Air Max series; the 95s and 97s to us back then was like rocking a Rolex on our wrist.

Of course it’s not just about wearing the particular style; it was also about the colours. The most popular was always the red on white or blue on white, and then the white on black. If someone turned up in a mustard colour or any other peculiar colours, then it’s was obvious he or she got them in a sale and trust me you won’t want to be that person for the coming week…

Around 2001, Nike released the Nike Air Turbulence, this was the coolest thing I have ever seen (note: I was 15, so what do I really know). This was the ‘it’ shoes at my school that year, but like most kids, one do not always get what they want… so I never had them at their peak.

I did manage to find them years later on ebay, and without hesitation, I bided straight away and for a mere £5, I managed to buy a memory from my school years. Honestly speaking, I was ecstatic, but unfortunately… the Nike Air Turbulence did not age well over time and as a consequence, today I’m just wearing it for the second time.

Today I’m wearing… Nike Air Turbulence

Nike Air Turbulence




First day back…

20 Sep

Tomorrow is R’s first day back at university and I wish her the best of luck!!!



Gary ‘the glove’ Payton…

19 Sep

I miss the NBA of the 90s; I miss Michael and Scottie killing it night in night out; I miss seeing Iverson crossing over Michael; I miss seeing Penny and Grant Hill before they got hurt, but most of all I miss the loudest and baddest Point Guard ever to grace the NBA- Gary ‘the glove’ Payton.

He was fearless, never backed down from nobody. His loud mouth trash talking attitude along with his sky high ego made him one of the most interesting characters to ever play the game. If Jordan was the hero, GP was definitely the villain. Not only was his game up to par, his shoes also made a statement.

Today I’m wearing… Nike Air Zoom GP

Nike Air Zoom GP

These trainers not only aged well over the years, it was also one of the most comfortable shoes I ever played in. Top 3 Nikes from the 90s along with the Air More Uptempo and the Air Max 95.

The commercial for these trainers was also one of Nike’s best, check it out below.



My lust for grease…

16 Sep

Best way to start your day!

My last summer holiday is finally over. My final year of study in my architecture journey is ultimately approaching.  I just completed my first all-nighter this term doing work for a morning tutorial today. (note: term hasn’t even started yet)

There is nothing I lust more right now than a McDonald’s breakfast. I know, it’s not exactly good for me, but there’s nothing that can keep me awake more than a Sausage & Egg McMuffin and one of those legendary Harsh Brown, it works like Red Bull to me.

I always order orange juice with my breakfast; it’s my way of convincing myself that at least I’m drinking something healthy to compensate for the all grease.


<photo from flickr>

Today I’m Wearing…

15 Sep

Nike Lunar Vengeance

Introducing J.Gordon…

15 Sep

Introducing J.Gordon…

Justin Gordon known as J.Gordon is a good friend of ours, he is a very talented up and coming singer song writer. He recently had his first London gig this month at the Ritzy in Brixton.

Check out his performance in the photos and video below and show him some support!!!

J.Gordon @ the Ritzy

J.Gordon @ the Ritzy

J.Gordon @ the Ritzy

J.Gordon @ the Ritzy

J.Gordon- 'Live on Stage' T-Shirt print, designed by Bucksville Clothing



Header update…

15 Sep

New Header: Ryan Gosling from the film ‘Drive’…

I have yet to see this movie; but having seen the trailer along with the overwhelming reviews and the series of stunning posters… I’m pretty sure this will be a great film.

I’m quite a big fan of Ryan Gosling and NO, it is not because he was in ‘The Notebook’ or ‘Blue Valentine’. It was his role in ‘Half Nelson’, a small independent film back in 2005. Gosling plays an inner city school teacher with a drug addiction. The film follows his life, how he balances himself in and outside of school and how one of his students tries and save him from his drug habit.

Ryan Gosling is going to be a superstar, and ‘Drive’ may be the film that takes him there. The film also stars the always brilliant and beautiful Carey Mulligan.


Half Nelson